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Downloading and inserting the model

Installing the Camera System is very simple. Here are the steps:

  • Get the model on Roblox from this link
  • Insert it into Workspace
  • Change the settings (make sure to add your username to the GuiOwners setting)
  • Done! When you start the game, you should see a camera icon on your topbar, next to the chat icon


  • GuiOwners - This setting tells the system who should have access to the control panel. If you want to add more people then do it like {"Username1", "Username2"}
  • Theme - The color theme of the control panel, either Light or Dark
  • AccelerateStart - If set to true, moving cameras will start slow and speed up
  • DecelerateEnd - If set to true, moving cameras will start slowing down at the end of their path
  • ToggleGui - What ScreenGuis should be toggled when someone presses the Watch button
  • WatchButtonPosition - Where the button should be positioned on the topbar, either Left, Center or Right
  • Keybinds - Check out the Keybinds section for an explanation
  • BarOffsets - This setting will move the bars down by X pixels for specified people, this is mainly for streamers to keep the bars even
  • BeforeLoad - This function will run before the clients load, useful for adding cameras by other scripts etc.
  • FreeAdmin - Who should be able to bypass the GuiOwners setting, None: nobody, Owners: private server owners, All: everybody