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My projects:

Camera System

Camera System for Roblox Euro/Earthvisions (and probably more)

GIF Module

A module that allows you to play GIFs inside of Roblox using spritesheets


In-Game (Roblox) televoting that also allows you to save the votes to Excel


Eurovision-style scoreboards in Roblox. That's all I can say

Screen Adorner

A module that allows you to easily put 1 Frame on mulitple surfaces

Host Gui

A nice and simple gui displaying the chat messages of your hosts

Clothes Giver

A panel to manage your in-game clothes, mainly for RoESCs


Some basic FREE lights because why not ❤️

Lyrics Controller

Semi-Automatic lyrics controller for RoESC

Long Bubble Chat Panel

A simple panel that allows you to select players who get extended bubble chat range


StacyPilot allows you to record anything for your roesc to make it easier to control during the live show

Online Voting

A website that allows you to set up jury and tele votings for your RoESC. It can also connect with the in-game televoting


A few plugins for Roblox Studio