Click the button below to get redirected to Roblox's library page. Take the asset from there and use the Toolbox in Studio to insert it into your game. Every panel has a "Settings" script inside of it, make sure to check it out.

The A and B group split

A GLights panel can control 2 separate groups of lights at once to reduce the amount of panels needed for less used lights. Both groups share the same settings. You can specify which light folders are assigned to which group by changing the "Lights" setting (see below). You can enable or disable the A and B groups by clicking the A and B buttons below the color selection

Adding more light folders to a panel

  1. Open the Settings script in that panel
  2. Add more folder paths to the appropriate Lights setting. For example if you want the A group to control the "Beams1" and "Beams2" folders then the setting would look similar to this:

A = { script.Parent.Parent.Beams1, script.Parent.Parent.Beams2 }

Adding more panels

  1. Duplicate one of the panels
  2. Open its "Settings" script and edit the Lights setting to include the new light folders

⚠️ Duplicating the entire GLights folder is technically possible, but it's not advised. There should only be 1 folder with GLights scripts in your game (unless you're making a prop, check below)

Using GLights in a prop

Make sure that the "ClientSided" setting on all panels is set to false and that you're using your own folder with scripts. Other than that nothing special needs to be done

Using GLights with StacyPilot

You can install the official StacyPilot addon for GLights from the StacyPilot plugin or here . Make sure all panels have their "UniqueName" setting set to something different so StacyPilot can differentiate between them

⚠️ Please note that the addon does not save starting state, which means that it doesn't know what happened before the recording (the color of the lights, etc.). Make sure that they're in the same state when you start recording and replaying. The easiest way to do that would be to right click the Reset button on all panels.

Questions / GLights don't work

You can DM me on Discord: .gabys with any questions you might have. Please tell me the version of the GLights you're using (it's visible on the panels)

If the GLights do not work at all then make sure to check the Output window ( View -> Output in Studio after running the game) for any errors, and send them to me if there are any

Older versions

Updating from GLights 4 to GLights 5

  1. Backup your game in case you do something wrong
  2. Select the all folders with GLights
  3. Double check that you selected the right folders
  4. Open the command bar (View -> Command Bar)
  5. Run the code from this Github Gist in the command bar to convert the light models
  6. Manually switch out the "GLights" folder in v4 with the "Scripts" folder in v5
  7. Manually switch out the panels