Host Gui

How to use

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Click the button below to get redirected to Roblox's library page. Take the asset from there and use the Toolbox in Studio to insert it into your game. Place the folder in ServerScriptService

Basic usage

Open the "Settings" script and insert your username into the "Whitelist" setting. When you join the game, you should see an icon on the right side of your topbar. When you enable it, everything you say should get shown on the host gui.

Name overrides

By editing the "Names" setting, you can override the names that will appear in messages. By default it changes "gabys2005" to "egg"

Rich Text

By editing the "RichTextEnabled" setting, you can enable rich text in messages. By default it is disabled. Rich text allows you to use a custom syntax to format your messages with per-character changes/animations. It's mostly useful for NPC hosts where you can control the gui and bubble chat separately.

Rich Text syntax:


Using the api

local api = require(game.ServerScriptService.HostGui.Api)

Method: api:SendMessage()



api:SendMessage("gabys2005", "hello")
api:SendMessage("gabys2005", "aaaa", true)
api:SendMessage("DarticFernandez", "egg", false, true, 242801959)

Event: api.MessageSent

Fired whenever a message is sent. Arguments passed on are the same as above

api.MessageSent:Connect(function(author, message, overrides, filter, filterId, useRichText)
    print(author, "sent a message:", message, "with settings:", overrides, filter, filterId, useRichText)