Camera System v4 (old)

Note: V5 has been released, if you're planning to use my cameras, I suggest using V5 LINK


You can download the system from the Roblox library. The button below will take you there!

Once in Studio, open the Toolbox and drag the cameras into your game.

Read the info script and change the settings (mainly the GuiOwners)


Reporting bugs/requesting features

If you found a bug or want a new feature added, first check if it's not already on THIS board, if it isn't then please DM me on Discord Gabys2005#1691

Transfering previous versions into V4

To transfer cameras made in the previous versions to V4, first rename your current CameraSystem folder to CameraSystemOld, then insert V4 into the game, below press the button representing the version that you are using, copy the script that comes up and paste it into the command bar in Studio, at the end delete the CameraSystemOld folder


V4 allows you to fully customise the keybinds you want to use.
In settings, in the KeyBinds table you can add a new table for new keybinds
In the Keys entry specify the keys that should be pressed to trigger the keybind
In the Run entry specify what action should be taken
Below are all possible Run actions:

{"FOV", fov, time} for example {"FOV", 20, 5} will change the fov to 20 in 5 secs
{"Rainbow"} will toggle the rainbow effect
{"Blackout"} will toggle the blackout effect
{"Whiteout"} will toggle the whiteout effect
{"Colorout", color} will toggle a blackout-like effect with specified color, for example {"Colorout", Color3.fromRGB(255,0,0)} will make the screen red
{"TintColor", color, time} will change the tint color to the specified color in the specified time (defaults to 0.1), for example {"TintColor",Color3.fromRGB(0,255,0),1}
{"Saturation", level, time} will change the saturation to the given level in the specified time, for example {"Saturation", -1, 0.1} will make everything black and white
{"Blur", level, time} will change the blur to the given level in the specified time
{"ChangeCam", type, id} will change the camera to the given one, note that you can use the api:GetCamIdFromName() method to translate a name to an id, for example {"ChangeCam", "Moving", api:GetCamIdFromName("Moving", "Example")}
{"Macro", macro name, function name} will run the given function from a given macro for example {"Macro", "ZoomIn", "LeftClick"}


Macros allow you to do multiple things using 1 button, they're normal functions that can use the API
To create a macro, simply add a new table to the Macros table in the settings, the new table has to include a Name entry which will be the name on the button
You can also specify LeftClick and RightClick functions which will run (on the server) when you left click or right click the button. Both functions will be ran with a paramter representing the player that pressed the button

For a documentation of the API, click HERE

Below is an example macro, which will show you a slider to zoom in when you left click the button

    Name = "ZoomIn";
    LeftClick = function(plr)
        local currentFov = api:GetFov()
        local newFov = api:AskForValues(plr,{"Zoom In", {Type = "slider", Name = "New FOV", Min = 1, Max = currentFov}})
        if newFov then -- If the user didnt cancel the prompt

Source Code

Because v4 is auto-updating, the source code isn't included with the thing you download. If you want to check it out, either get it in Roblox library, or download it from github