Allocation Draw Board

Please report bugs to me


Press one of the buttons below to get redirected to the right Roblox Library page, take the asset from there.

Open a place in Roblox Studio and insert the model using the Toolbox.

Change the settings


To use the board, in game first select a pot you want to take the ball from by pressing the white button below it (you can move the button around if you want it in a different place). Then select the semifinal by pressing one of the red buttons (again, you can move them somewhere else)


The "CountriesPerHalf" setting determines how many countries are in each half of each semi-final.
The "TextWideness" setting determines how long the text label inside of each ball should be (in studs). Increase it if some country names don't fit.
The "Pots" setting determines how many pots and balls are generated

Customising the design

I purposefully left 1 of every design element visible on the board so you can change it's properties (as well as the ball that's in front of the board). To add more pots, duplicate one of the bowls and buttons and change their name.